About Us

 The Pool Riders is a family-owned business creating all jackets and pants from the heart of Vancouver. Inspired by vintage, french-work designs and incorporating Japanese taste and craftsmanship, we are dedicated to creating durable high-quality wears that you can take out to adventures and enjoy life's beauty.

All Jackets and Bottoms are made in Canada. Each piece is created with top-notch care and quality fabrics designed to last you years - not just a season to bring you modern class to Vintage roots.

Focusing on Slow fashion, bring us along your fast-paced adrenaline filled journey of a lifetime.

As a family owned business, our founder and head Japanese designer Ted is an award-winning skateboarder who's keeping young by skating over 50 - even today.


About Ted:

picture of pool rider's founder and clothes


Ted Nakayama is a fashion designer, skateboarder and father who started his brand after quitting years of restaurant work and pursue his true dreams of design. 

Ted came to Vancouver from Japan around 20 years ago where he attended design school to become an architect. Due to needing money to support his family, he ended up running a restaurant in both Japan and Vancouver. After he turned 50, he realized that he wanted to use his artistic skills again and that manifested into starting the designer clothing brand which stays true to his local roots with the support of his family.

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